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"Let’s listen to the voices coming from the sea, from the river… waves of words, sounds flowing… who’s singing ?


Ressac is a circle song telling how a woman was born from the water and got back to it.

Starting from the metaphorical-physical link there is between water and femininity, in mer-made I question the envelop, the shape I am given : what is my body made of ? Water, yes, blood and tears, flesh and bones, but… where did I borrow these movements, learn these smiles, these postures ? How should this body be laid out ? Mer-made explores the difficulty there is to “con-form” oneself with a pre-conceived image or attitude. A cliché is a static thing, and water will move for ever…"


Mer-made est un solo qui hybride les thématiques d'un précédent solo, Allée-venue, et celle de la suite Ressac, dont elle constitue l'introduction : une première escale.

Solo créé à Roscommon, Irlande, en 2006, sur une commande de Niamh Condrom pour le Festival Vibrate. Durée : 30 minutes.

Musique : création de Manuel Vidal

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